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I am running a GEMS version S2.80 on my 2002 Evo 7, and properly tuned. I have had an issue once with my idle stepper motor not working properly, and I had to replace the servo. I bought a brand new one, installed it, and it was working again. Now 3 months have passed, and again I am seeing the same symptoms as the last failure, which are: On engine warmup, idle speed is not rising to where it should be. Changing the AIT idle table bears no effect on the stepper motor. Switching the A/C on does not turn on the idle stepper motor to compensate for the additional load, etc. Basically everything is pointing towards a stepper motor issue. I am worried that just replacing the idle stepper motor will not take care of the issue. It seems something else is causing the motor to fail after a while. Have you had these problems occur before? Can the ECU possibly be sending the wrong signal to the stepper motor which, in time, can cause it to fail? How can I remedy this?

Any help will be apprecited.

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